Verlaine was a vampire, based in Prague, and member of the Bloodpack. She was played by Norwegian actress  


Marit Velle Kile


Verlaine was a vampire soldier allied with the House of Damaskinos and a member of it's Bloodpack team, along with her lover Lighthammer

Blade IIEdit

Verlaine is introduced to Blade with the rest of the Bloodpack. Their mission has changed from killing Blade to helping him rid Prague of the Reapers. When Blade, Whistler and the Bloodpack enters the sewers, they split up in multiple teams to seek the Reapers and Verlaine is teamed up with Lighthammer and Snowman. Oblivious to Lighthammer's infection by a reaper at the vampire safe house, she finds him feeding on Snowman. When Verlaine gets his attention, Lighthammer starts pursuing her. In a desperate attempt to escape, she opens a manhole cover, exposing them to sunlight which obliterated them both.


  • Verlaine is meant to have been the twin sister of Racquel, the seductive vampire from Blade. Blade killing Racquel was supposed to be her incentive to join the Bloodpack and killing Blade
  • Verlaine doesn't speak anything but the vampire language throughout the whole film. 

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