Reapers are artificially-enhanced Vampires made by Jared Nomak during the plot of Blade 2. They're stronger than regular Vampires, immune to silver and garlic, but have a stronger need for blood because of their accelerated metabolism, forcing them to feed on fresh blood every few hours or risk dying from blood deprivation. They were the creation of Eli Damaskinos, hoping to create a stronger vampire similar to Blade without any of the weaknesses, including sunlight. Reapers also have no weakness against EDTA (an anticoagulant discovered to cause vampires to explode when coming into contact with blood) as Nomak suffers no effects from it during his first confrontation with Blade. 

Because their vampirism is more extreme than that of regular Vampires, Reapers possess traits that make them more dangerous, including a heart encased in a thick layer of bone and a mouth that opens up to reveal a tube-like tongue to feed.