Mercury is the vampire henchwoman and lover of Deacon Frost. She is played by Spanish actress Arly Jover

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While Blade is battling Deacon and his henchmen, Mercury decides to kill Karen. While Karen shoots at Mercury, Mercury is able to disarm Karen and pin her against a wall. As she leans in for the kill, Karen pulls out a concentrated garlic spray and shoots it into Mercury's mouth. Mercury screams in pain until her head explodes.


  • In the original script, Mercury was described as a 'lupine Gaultier girl' who had black hair with a white hair running through. 
  • She was also portrayed as being a leather-clad stripper at the Black Pearl; the Japanese vampire club. 
  • Also in the original script Mercury was supposed to have been killed by Blade alongside Quinn. Instead, Vanessa was supposed to confront and be killed by Dr. Karen Jensen

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