Marcus Van Sciver in 2006.

Marcus Van Sciver is a turnblood vampire, and key player in the House of Chthon and a subsequent revolt against the Chthonian purebloods. Van Sciver maintained the front of a wealthy businessman set out to restore aging buildings in Detroit, and used a hotel as his base of operations. His true goal was to perfect "Aurora", an anti vampirism vaccine for the purebloods, and to develop a virus targeted only at pureblood secretly. Van Sciver was responsible for killing Zac Starr, his personal familiar, which lead him to turn Krista Starr, setting the events of "Blade: The Series" into motion.

Early life Edit

Van Sciver moved into Detroit from England with his fiancee. He wanted to open a storefront, however, Damek of the house Armaya and his thugs extorted him by wrecking his store and raping his beloved. He was subsequently fed to the House of Chthon, who turned him.

Over the next century, Van Sciver became a noted member of Chthon, despite his status as a turnblood. Sometime prior to the series, he sent Chase and Dr Vonner to kidnap several Armayans and a vampire named Sands and experimented on them as a first step to preparing "Aurora", a vaccine which would render vampires invulnerable to silver, garlic, and sunlight.

The Series: Krista and Detroit Edit

Van Sciver became more and more of a public figure, renovating deteriorated buildings in Detroit. Prior to the


Van Sciver with Chase

series, he terminated Zac Starr, his familiar and a spy working for Blade. This attracted the attention of his military veteran sister, Krista, who began investigating and joined forces with Blade. Blade sent her to place a tracker on Marcus, however she was already known to him. She attempted to snipe Marcus, but was captured by Chase.

Marcus turned Krista, despite needing "the board's" permission and not going through any trouble to get it. It was said he "raised a few eyebrows". Although Krista would have become another vampire, she was given serum by Blade and resumed working for him covertly. Van Sciver used a strain of Aurora on his closest bodyguard, Fritz, however he knew in advance that the strain was ineffective.

He was already working on a secret project to annihilate the purebloods at this point- his familiar, Doctor Vonner had injected a woman named Vanessa with some kind of fluid which caused her to be pregnant under the cover she was helping a couple that couldn't conceive. He first sent Chase after Vanessa to protect her, however Chase was defeated by Blade.

Chase, while on business for Van Sciver in Las Vegas, reunited with a pureblood from the House of Erebus. Although it appeared at first that Marcus was mistreated Chase, prompting the pureblood to buy her freedom from him, it was later learned this was a ruse to capture a pureblood- he was later killed as a test subject for Marcus' secret project.

Marcus eventually exacted revenge on Damek, and ashed him. He also attempted to kill Charlotte, a pureblood who was his superior and liason to the "board", by placing a bomb on her plane. This failed- Charlotte warned the remaining purebloods to Marcus' treachery. Marcus attempted to gas the purebloods at a meeting with his secret pureblood toxin, however he was sabotaged by Chase, who sold out to Charlotte. The purebloods were prepared to feed on Marcus. Marcus was saved at the last moment by- of all people- Blade, who launched a canister of the toxin into the air and shot it open, killing every pureblood and advancing Marcus to head of the House of Chthon. Marcus and Blade dueled with swords. Blade nearly killed Marcus, but he was distracted by Krista. Marcus and Krista escaped.

Marcus afterwards turned on Krista, grabbing her by the throat and asking "How long have you been working for Blade?"

Appearance and Personality Edit

Marcus Van Sciver was blonde, with short and spiked hair. He spoke with a distinctly british accent. Van Sciver was almost always seen wearing expensive suits.

Van Sciver was deceptively calm and pleasant when dealing with humans and enemies- he was a businessman in almost all of his dealings. He considered himself sophisticated, and more cultured than other vampires. His patience with others was very short- he frequently snapped at Krista, Chase, and Fritz when they defied or disagreed with him. He fought with Fritz when he stepped out of line regarding a confrontation with Blade. When Krista stole a sample of Aurora, Marcus slapped her to the ground and adjusted his tie, demostrating his controlling nature.

He has also had dealings with other enemies and opposition. His response to the murder of one of his vampire friends as a result of Minos, a vampire feeding house with lax security, was to murder the owner. When dealing with a building planner who was attempting to extort money from him, he replied by telling him he would kill each of his family if he attempted to wheedle Marcus again- he then demonstrated on his own familiar by snapping the neck.

He was also a seductive and manipulating leader of his vampire women- he attempted to totally asorb Krista into the vampire culture, and showed her special care, to the jealousy of Chase (who it is implied he showed attention to prior to Krista). Eventually, Krista and Marcus began to have sex. No doubt this influenced Krista to betray Blade during his duel with Van Sciver. He clearly also cares for Chase, watching over her body as she recovers from being burned alive by Blade.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Naming Edit

Van Sciver was named for comic artist Ethan Van Sciver.

Casting Edit

Marcus Van Sciver was portrayed by Neil Jackson in all his appearances.

Van Sciver said he attempted to use an American accent in auditions- when he used his real English accent, he saw everyone in the room relax and said "Ooh, that's evil!"

It was considered as part of Van Sciver's backstory that he was somehow involved in fascism in World War II- especially considering his appearance and mannerisms. This was never realized on screen.

The costume designer, Katia Stano, said that Marcus' costumes are modern, yet still with occasional accents to suggest his Victorian era origin. One of these may include a white cravat worn by Van Sciver in the Art Gallery opening scenes in the pilot.

Some behind the scenes footage of Neil Jackson and Fritz actor David Palffy joking around is on the DVD boxset's special features- the two joke that Fritz is Van Sciver's lover, that Fritz eats from the Garbage, and that Marcus recruited Fritz from the biggest baddest biker bar in Detroit.

Continuity Edit

Van Sciver only appears or is mentioned in the Series. The series ends with him threatening Krista- it is not clear what happens following this. He is implied to have been advanced to head of the House of Chthon in the finale's dialogue, however.