Has enough swag to yolo a vampire to death. Dis playa been around since dem ancient indian-american times and dat means he been around fo' a long-ass time, yo.

Dis dude's ballin' so hard, he got himself a badass office at the top of a skyscraper and he's also got a supa-hawt blondie called Chase.

He be tryin' to convince Krista dat she got da swag 'n' all to be part of his crew but she aint buyin' dat fo' real cuz you know Blade got mo'e swag dan all dem puny vampires put together.

Also, did I mention that he's bangin' dis supa-hawt blondie called Chase? (cuz I'd let her bite my neck all day every day).

Author: BodzyAlim (Ph.D in Vampire Economics, Youtuber, Gynecologist, Philanthropist).

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