House of Chthon is one of the Vampire Houses mentioned in Blade: The Series. One of the most powerful vampire houses, the Chthonians are elitists who consider themselves the leaders of the Vampire Nation, though this position is not universally accepted and especially challenged by the Armayans. The house was founded by Lord Chthon, and his sword became their sacred relic. The House of Chthon has a violent history, and many of their purebloods were slain in a past war against the House of Erebus.[1]

In parallel to film's depiction of the Shadowy Council of Erebus, Chthon is headed by a council of six pureblood vampires, which is called the Conclave. These purebloods were destroyed by Van Sciver, automatically advancing him to head of the house.

It's noteworthy that Chthon is the name of an evil deity in Marvel Comics. In the comics, Chthon was the being who created the first Vampires.

References Edit

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