Blade-Anime character

Eric Brooks as an adult vampire hunter

You may be looking for the film character, Blade.

Eric Brooks (Also known as Blade) was a Daywalker vampire hunter. Born to Vanessa Brooks in London, Eric trained under Noah Van Helsing and Tanba Yagyu to fight vampires so he may hunt down and kill the four fanged vampire that killed Vanessa.

Early LifeEdit

Before Eric Brooks was born, his mother, a prostitute was attacked and bitten by a vampire, dying while giving birth to him. Raised by the girls of the brothel where his mother worked, Eric didn't know that the vampire venom in his blood had made him different from anyone else until he was a teenager. The first vampire that Eric ever killed was his own mother, who had been converted by her attacker. As Eric entered puberty, his vampiric traits began to assert themselves. For a time, he survived by feeding on the blood of homeless people.

One night, Eric was discovered by a vampire hunter named Van Helsing, who took him in and created a serum to help suppress his need to feed on blood. Noah taught young Eric his trade and trained him in the art of combat. Now, as Blade, Eric continues to hunt purebloods that are out there wreaking havoc on innocents.

As the DaywalkerEdit

Blade began his investigation into Existance, the organization spearheaded by the "man with four fangs", also known as Deacon Frost. Blade learned the operated nightclubs to lure human prey, as well as recruit familiars in human society.