Blade-Anime character

Eric Brooks as an adult vampire hunter

You may be looking for the film character, Blade.

Eric Brooks (Also known as Blade) was a Daywalker vampire hunter. Born to Vanessa Brooks in London, Eric trained under Noah Van Helsing and Tanba Yagyu to fight vampires so he may hunt down and kill the four fanged vampire that killed Vanessa.

Early LifeEdit

Vanessa was a prostitute- Eric's father was never known. Eric grew up fighting for what was right to Vanessa's friend and co worker Carol, who was pleased when a police officer brought him home for getting a kid's lunch money from a bully.

Eric's surrogate family was killed by Vanessa, who had not been killed as he believed, but turned. Using the same silver knife she used against Deacon Frost, he killed her.

Eric grew up and fed from strangers, although he weeped out of regret. He took up Vampire hunting, and saved a woman from purebloods. Noah Van Helsing was on the scene, and recognized he was different. He gave him an antivirus originally intended to reverse vampirism, that was otherwise unsuccessful. Eric used the antivirus to satisfy the thirst, and continue to hunt as Van Helsing's ally.

Some time later, Blade studied swordsmanship with Kikyo Mikage under Tanbu Yagyu. Kikyo resented Blade, and dueled him on the day Blade left. Kikyo lost, and asked Blade to remove his head. Blade answered "You already lost your head, Kikyo. That's why I'm still standing."

As the DaywalkerEdit

Blade began his investigation into Existance, the organization spearheaded by the "man with four fangs", also known as Deacon Frost. Blade learned the operated nightclubs to lure human prey, as well as recruit familiars in human society.

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