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Primordial Vampire
Over 7,000
Pureblood Vampires (Descendants)
Ancient Sumeria

Drake is the progenitor of the vampire species.

A character from Blade: Trinity, Drake also known as Dracula (played by actor Dominic Purcell), is the first of the race Homonus Nocturni or vampires. In the movie Drake is awoken by vampires Danica Talos , Jarko Grimmwood, Asher Talos, and Wolfe from a Syrian ziggurat tomb. It is later made known that Drake was awoken as a part of Danica's plan to turn all of the vampire race into daywalkers and ultimately kill Blade.

Drake has expressed dislike of both humans and vampires, claiming that "humans have sullied the earth with their filth" and that modern day vampires are bastard children, tainted with human blood down the generations. Nonetheless Drake fights alongside his kin.

Created by the Blood God La Magra , he is one of the most powerful vampires alongside Blade. Drake upon engaging Blade in battle hints Blade toward the origin of his sword. He is also one of the strongest rivals of Blade . Also holding the ability to walk in sunlight, is which allows his first meeting with Blade in the daytime. He was an ancient Sumerian warrior-king before he abruptly withdrew from the world that he was dissappointed in. He is extremely feared for his ability to kill vampires and humans alike, determined to rule or kill anything that crosses his path.



Drake was the first vampire, and he had all the canonic vampire powers (superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, stamina and senses, near-invulnerability, healing factor) brought to their peak level. He was not affected by sunlight or from other vampires' weaknesses, and was also nearly immortal. He had a special skeleton that allowed him to transform into any human being he can think of, and he was an amazing swordsman, as well as a great hand-to-hand combatant. In his true, demonic form, all of his power increases to an incredibly high level, being a hundred times more powerful than any other vampire. Drake can shape shift into a human form or any other human he has came in contact with or seen, but can revert back to his ancient demonic form. His human form is a physically fit male with a short hair cut with a muscular build. All of his vampiric abilities are far more advanced than any average vampire as well. One incredibly notable physical feature is his jaws, which split six ways and are filled with rows of teeth and his tongue can split and latch onto and pierce the victims throat. He is also an accomplished swordsman able to go toe to toe with and even best Blade. It is assumed that he is far stronger than even Reapers, able to easily best them in combat.

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