Blade: Trinity

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6,000 - 7,000
Ancient Sumeria

Drake is the progenitor of the vampire species in Blade: Trinity.

Blade: TrinityEdit

In Blade: Trinity, Drake is depicted as Dracula who spawns vampires (Homines Nocturnae). Drake is awoken by the vampires Danica Talos, Jarko Grimmwood, Asher Talos, and Wolfe from a Syrian ziggurat tomb. It is later revealed in the film that Drake was awoken as a part of Danica's plan to turn all vampires into daywalkers and to ultimately kill Blade.

Drake has expressed dislike of both humans and vampires, claiming that "humans have sullied the earth with their filth" and that modern day vampires are bastard children, tainted with human blood down the generations. Nonetheless Drake fights alongside his kin. He is also well known as a follower of seed and feed.

Drake (2)

Drake is one of the most powerful vampires, a cformidable opponent to Blade. Upon engaging Blade in battle, Drake hints to the origin of Blade's sword. As one of the strongest rivals to Blade, he also has the ability to walk in sunlight, allowing him to first meet with Blade during the daytime. He was an ancient Sumerian warrior-king before he abruptly withdrew from the world that he was disappointed in. He is extremely feared for his ability to kill vampires and humans, determined to rule or kill anything that crosses his path.

Powers Edit

BladeIII Drake2

Drake's true form

Dracula is the first of his kind. His blood is the most potent of all vampires. Because he is the progenitor of the species, his blood is pure, free of centuries worth of selective mutation. Hannibal King described him as "like the great white shark," as he has never needed to evolve due to him being born a perfect vampiric specimen, his only genetic successor being, at least according to Drake himself, Blade.

  • Shapeshifting: The books and movies describes Dracula possesses shapeshifting powers, as he able to take the form of a bat, a wolf, and Mist. Though the Night Stalkers have proven that to be false, Dracula himself however, does have shapeshifting abilities that supported by his special skeleton. In spite of this, his shapeshifting power are far inferior compared with depiction with books and movies does due to it more reminiscent with Mystique's from X-Men films. He uses this form to hide his true demonic form, as well as took other forms such as  Blade, Whistler, and Dr. Vance.
  • Transformation: Drake's shapeshifting abilities allow him to take on a demonic form with armored skin, claws, horns and scales. He has a split jaw with extra rows of teeth and a barbed tongue identical to those of Reapers. In this form, his strength and durability reach their supposed peak, allowing him to easily overpower Blade. In this form, his voice deepens and he roars and growls like an animal. It is never explicitly stated whether this is his true form or a shape he has adapted for battle. It is possible that it is a battle form, as he reverts back to his human form when he dies, although this too is never stated.
  • Superhuman Strength: Drake's primordial pureblood essence along with his advanced age endows him with immense strength superior to that of the common adult pureblood and comparable to that of Jared Nomak in that he was able to overpower Blade. As a pureblood vampire, his strength far exceeded that of 10 strong men; able to shatter concrete with just his body alone.
  • Immortality: Like all Vampires Dracula was immortal. Although the only way he is able to sustain it is to drink the blood of humans. He is over 6,000 years old but looks in his 30's.
  • Healing Factor: Like all vampires Dracula boasted regenerative abilities.
  • Combat Mastery: Dracula is a master hand to hand combatant, and swordsman with centuries of experience. To the point were he can nearly defeat Blade in combat.


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  • This version of Dracula is the first vampire, like Varne in the comics.
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