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BLADE (1998)

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You may also be looking for the anime counterpart, Deacon Frost.

Deacon "Deac" Frost was a turned Vampire who was responsible for creating Blade, the Daywalker. In the film "Blade," Frost was the main antagonist. He plotted to awaken the Blood God, "La Magra," and wipe out the human race due to his strong beliefs about the humans place as Vampire prey. Deacon challenged the purebloods of the House of Erebus, and was disliked by Dragonetti. Later he overthrows Dragonetti, rips out his fangs, and leaves him to die in the sunlight. He then captures the remaining purebloods and uses them to carry out a ritual to resurrect La Magra, the Blood God. Frost sucessfully allows La Magra to take over him, resulting in a final showdown with Blade, whose mother he turned. Blade killed Frost by injecting him with EDTA, causing Frost to die in an explosion of blood.

Frost's death


In Blade (1998), Frost is portrayed with dark brown hair and almost gray-like eyes. He is coldhearted and shows no mercy for human life. Frost may be sociopathic. He decides to kill his familiar, Officer Krieger, after the cop falls for a trap set by Blade. Frost is exceptionally sexual, even towards Dragonetti. He has several lovers, including Mercury and Vanessa Brooks. Frost is close to Quinn, and even pretends to attempt to cut off Quinn's hand simply as a gag between the two friends. But it has been rumored that Deacon and Quinn were once lovers ages ago. Deacon Frost is of average height, though many of his allies tower above him, and is extremely fit and agile. He possess extreme fighting ablilities and is extremely strong as he is a vampire. He is fast smart dangerous cunning and very scary even before his transformation into la magra. Frost has various intelligence on vampire and human life being so smart that he knew how to unleash the blood god la magra and a capable fighter as seen in his fight with blade. The vampire was able to keep up with the hunters speed and skill and lasted several minutes even overpowering him at one point. As he had the power of the blood god which made him even stronger. Frost's speed was way above an average humans displayed when blade shot at him and he dodged the bullets in a matter of seconds. He is very proficient with a sword displayed in his battle with blade. As the blood god frost had the power to heal himself and grow back various parts of his body though he could still be killed with blade's serum. He is very intelligent and sadistic. Frost is one of the only vampires to have extreme knowledge on his kind.

La MagraEdit

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Using his resources, extreme intelligence, and vast wealth, Frost had managed to rebuild the temple and intends to use it for La Magra's resurrection, a key ingredient of which is Blade's sunlight-resistant vampiric blood, along with the sacrifice of the other twelve council members (Ashe, Cianteto, Dragonetti, Faustinas who held two seats, Ligaroo, Lemure, Kobejitsu, Lobishomen, Von Esper, Upier, and Pallintine). Through the ritual Frost becomes an eminently more powerful vampire, far surpassing any other vampire's strength or speed, and gains the powers and attributes of each sacrificed member, including immunity to silver, instant regeneration of lost limbs, superior strength and speed, red bulging eyes (from the Kobejitsu tribe), and the ability to walk during the day (from Blade's blood). Even before this he was a very formidable vampire


  • Frost was played by Stephen Dorff.
  • Stephen Dorff said that a prequel to Blade centered on Deacon Frost was in the works- as of 2013, this has not come to pass.
  • Deacon Frost was reimagined in the Marvel Animated Series.
  • In a deleted scene, Frost was revealed to run a blood farm, so the vampires would have a food source long after La Magra turned the world. This concept was later used in Blade: Trinity, and again in the anime. An early draft of the script for Blade would have revealed him as the drifter that killed Whistler's family.