The Bloodpack were a team of elite vampire troops operating out of Prague. They were originally tasked to eliminate Blade.


The Bloodpack trained for two years on how to hunt down and defeat Blade, but they were given a new mission which forced the team to ally with Blade instead. At the request of the overlord of the Vampire Nation, Eli Damaskinos, Blade was placed in command of the Bloodpack so that he could help them exterminate a larger threat the reapers.

The Bloodpack members were not pleased with having to share information about the reapers with their sworn enemy particularly, Dieter Reinhardt. Blade responded by implanting a remote controlled bomb onto the back of Reinhardt's head as well as a continuity plan when Reinhardt eventually betrayed Blade which he had no reservations about detonating the device.

The Bloodpack's first mission was to root out suspected reaper activity at a vampire safe house called the House of Pain. While exploring the catacombs and adjacent dance hall of the building, the hunters quickly discovered that they were being the hunted. Blade faced off against Jared Nomak, the progenitor of the Reaper Strain. Their battle ended in a stalemate and Nomak managed to escape. Reinhardt and his colleague Chupa swept through the nightclub arena, blasting Reapers with UV-lamps and high-powered machine guns. Some of the Bloodpack members were not so lucky however and fell victim to the Reaper Stain. Lighthammer, while exploring the House of Pain, faced off against a reaper in an unfurnished upper room, and although he survived the initial encounter, he was nonetheless infected with the Reaper Strain. Another Bloodpack member, Priest, met his end when he too was infected by a reaper's bite. Blade, Reinhardt and Chupa put Priest out of his misery just as the transformation began to take effect.

The Bloodpack's second encounter with the reapers took place in the sewer tunnels beneath Prague. Tracking a reaper from the House of Pain attack, the group split up to search the tunnels. Chupa and Reinhardt, displeased about their truce with Blade and still angered by the loss of Priest, turned on Whistler. Whistler, having dropped a pheromone device, escaped while reapers converged on Chupa. He then detonated a UV flashbang grenade that wiped out all vampires in the chamber, including Chupa.

By this point, Lighthammer's transformation was nearing completion and he killed Snowman, with a surprise attack, before turning on his former lover, Verlaine. She fled with Lighthammer chasing her through the sewers ended when she climbed up a ladder that led to the surface and threw open the manhole cover in broad daylight. Sunlight beamed in, destroying them both.

Asad, Nyssa and Blade were ambushed by more reapers. Asad succumbed to the assault, although Blade managed to get free and was able to detonate a crate of UV grenades, destroying the many of the reapers. Nyssa survived by shielding herself from the blast and Reinhardt, who was fast approaching, was severely scarred by the light. With the reapers gone, forces loyal to Eli Damaskinos arrived to deal with the survivors. Blade was then captured and taken with the rest to Damaskinos' stronghold.

The battle in the sewers marked the end of the Bloodpack as a group, despite several of its members survived the encounter. Reinhardt later attacked Blade at the Damaskinos stronghold, but was quickly sliced in half. Nyssa was succumbing to the bite from her brother, Nomak, and ultimately chose to die a vampire by watching the sunrise rather than be consumed by the Reaper Strain. Blade would go on to confront Nomak and his vendetta against the Vampire Nation.